The average IQ in --- is 84. How high is yours? 👏

Take this fast IQ test and check what your IQ stands at. When you have finished the test, you will get an IQ score and optionally a certificate. The test will take approximately 20 minutes.

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Average IQ Scores By Country

Singapore 108
Hong Kong 108
Taiwan 106
South Korea 106
Japan 105
China 104
Switzerland 102
Netherlands 102
North Korea 102
Macao 101
Iceland 101
Finland 101
Canada 101
Belgium 100
Germany 100
United Kingdom 100
Austria 100
New Zealand 100
Israel 100
Norway 99
Sweden 99

Tests taken in over 150 countries!

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How does it work?

The steps below explain the process from start to finish.

1. Take the IQ Test

2. Get your IQ Score

3. Get certificate & tell your friends all about it

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What is an IQ test?

IQ is an abbreviation of Intelligence Quotient. So, OK, but what is IQ? The IQ is a measurement of your intelligence and is expressed in a number. It’s an estimate also, there will always be a given amount of measurement error. A person’s IQ can be calculated by having the person take an intelligence test. The average IQ is 100 by definition. If you achieve a score higher than 100, you did better than the average person, and a lower score means you (somewhat) performed less.

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